Getting Ready for Small Fry

Our basement remodel started last week, so all of our belongings are temporarily either upstairs or in the garage with a nice layer of dust on them. The contractor was making quick work of the project until the cold weather snap this week, which paralyzed Seattle and the surrounding area. We’ve never had snow on our deck (and what a beautifully crafted deck it is) for more than an hour. But we’ve had a thin layer of white for going on four days. Temperatures haven’t hit Spokane lows, but it’s cold for Seattle. It’s not the cold, it’s the humidity that really gets to us. Anyway, we’re excited by the remodel. We’ll finally have a real spare bedroom, a real extra bathroom, and a real laundry room downstairs. Today, Kristine and I are cleaning out what is currently the office so we can make the transition to nursery.