Let the Thanksgiving planning begin!

Greetings, Family:

I can’t believe we only have a week and a half before Thanksgiving!  This is the only winter holiday with the Eiting side of the family for Tim and I, and we are really looking forward to spending quality time together so memories of this Thanksgiving can keep our hearts warm through the rest of the winter.  I think the plan on Thursday is to hang out all day at the Fry Lodge, cooking and eating and cooking some more.  I think we should plan to eat early because of the kiddies (maybe 5?  5:30?).  So we’ll start the feasting on the early side with brunch for those who can make it and maybe have appetizers and a soup on for a light lunch.  Tim will definitely start a roaring fire, and maybe we could organize a long game of Monopoly, er, Risk, er, Charades, er, some game that won’t cause a fight.  We can certainly get a game of Washers going in the side yard.  We’ll have a quiet room set up with a Pack n Play for the babies and for recharging extrovert dollars.  Looking forward to hanging out all day like those crowded holidays at Grandma’s house on Chicago. 

Since everyone (thankfully for me) enjoys pitching in, let’s start the planning so we don’t end up with a traffic jam around the stove at crunch time.  With only one stove, we can get creative, making things ahead and using the grill and crockpots and microwave.  Mom will be Executive Chef, of course, and will be in charge of the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and TWO kinds of stuffing this year:  her usual bread stuffing and she’s bringing back Grandma Watson’s famous Oyster Dressing!

I would like to make a vegetable, probably green beans, that I just have to toss to warm on the stove top before serving.  I’m looking into crock pot sweet potato recipes.  We’d also like to make a Fry family traditional rutabega, which I know Kaye makes every year, but much like the Waldorf salad, I’m not sure if anyone really likes.  But still, it’s fun to say rutabega and nice to introduce a Fry tradition.  I could also make other things that can be made ahead like pies or cranberry sauce, etc.

So don’t be shy, let me know what everyone would like to contribute.    One thing is certain, we won’t be going hungry.

Gobble Gobble,

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About Tim Fry

Tim is a global communications consultant. He has a background in storytelling, opinion research, brand campaigns and product launches for clients big and small. He has been recognized with several industry awards, including Ad Age’s “40 under 40” and PR News' "15 to Watch." Tim has a bachelor of science degree in foreign service from Georgetown University. When he's not helping people tell their best stories, you're likely to find him riding his bike, kayaking or catching Dungeness Crab on Lopez Island, WA. He can be reached at tim_fry@hotmail.com.
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