Happy new year

Kristine’s the only one awake at t-minus 10 minutes. How things change with babies. The fondue was delicious – even the experimental chocolate with Malibu Rum. OK. I’ve got to wake everyone up for the countdown now. – Kristine

Pictured: Tim passed out, Brian passed out, several fondue arrangements.


Home Sweet Home

A day later than planned, but we made it out of Northern Idaho. Kelley
and Greg had to push us up the hill so we could finally make it out of
Carl and Kaye’s driveway. Then we spent the night at the Liberty Lake
Fry’s so we wouldn’t have to attempt Snoqualmie Pass in the dark. In the
end, we were happy to have the extra day, as it gave us a night to visit
with Mike and Chris. The drive home on Thursday was easy, and Henry
slept almost the entire way.

Now the countdown to London begins. We spent the day crossing things off
of the to-do list, and now we can relax in front of the fire over a
glass of wine (thanks, mom and dad) and a game of Scrabble. Home sweet

9 inches and counting

Well, we had a wonderful, if somewhat overwhelming, Christmas day. Henry got LOTS of great presents from both the Coeur d’Alene and Omaha-based Santas Claus. The Dungeness crab was great. And we played several games of apples to apples.

Of course, today, the day of our departure, there is 9 inches of snow on the ground. Grandpa Fry ordered up the snow plow service, so we can probably get out of the driveway. Whether we can get further is anybody’s guess. I just hope we’re not looking at another 10 hour drive. We have 6 bottles of water, 3 meatloaf sandwiches, and 1 bottle of wine in case we get stuck in a ditch.

Presents on Christmas Eve morning?!

Apparently Santa couldn’t restrain himself ’til Christmas – He had to give Henry an early present this morning. A new toy-place mat! Breakfast will never be the same.

We had a nice Christmas Eve Eve dinner last night. Carl made meatloaf. Not as good as Kristine’s, but tasty never-the-less. Great Auntie Carole and Dell were here, so lots of Polish fun.

Some of the snow melted overnight, but it’s forecast to dump again today. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.