We miss you, Tim!

Life is pretty dull around the Lodge without our CEO and activities coordinator Tim/Dad.  Henry misses him terribly and has to settle for giving his picture a kiss before bed every night.  But then he’s into kissing everything right now.  I caught him kissing a drawer pull the other day, so I guess he’s experimenting.  Today we went to the QFC and stocked up on a variety of snacks for the plane flight to Omaha on Tuesday.  Henry is well traveled, but he’s older now and more mobile and it will be a lot harder without Dad there to keep him in line.  To butter him up I bought him a balloon, his favorite thing in the world.  Then later he watched his Baby Cornhusker DVD, a propaganda video that Uncle Paul gave him for his birthday to turn him into a cornhusker fan while he’s still at this tender and impressionable age.  He loves it!  And after only two viewings he claps along to the fight song. 
4-27-08 Cornhusker brainwashing4-27-08 He Loves it4-27-08 Mom's a sucker 

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Connors

Mr and Mrs Connors

Congratulations to my niece, Lyndsey, and her new husband, Neil, who were married at 5pm Hawaii time on Saturday, April 26. Lyndsey’s mom, Kelley, sent me this photo of what looks like the wedding reception. Pretty sure the drinking age in Hawaii is 21, so that must be ginger ale that they’re toasting with.

Fry Lodge, London Style: Fryman Returns

I’m back. In some ways, it’s like I never left: the all-too-familiar drive into London from Heathrow, the walk back from Sainsbury’s with heavy orange plastic bags hanging from each hand, the BBC. But one critical difference: no Kristine and Henry this time, which makes it a little sad and lonely.

Fry Lodge London - kitchen and dining Fry Lodge London - looking down on living room Fry Lodge Londo - lofted bedroom with skylights

I arrived at my hotel, The Park Inn, early this afternoon, and quickly got settled into the apartment where I’ll be living for the next two weeks. My apartment is actually kind of cool – it’s a loft, with kitchen, living room, bathroom and even a deck on the lower level; and a bedroom with operable skylights upstairs. It has an even smaller kitchen than what we had at our Dolphin Square apartment in Pimlico. But then again, I probably won’t be eating too many meals here over the next two weeks (though I did make myself pasta tonight). I’ve got tomorrow to get adjusted to the time zone change and hopefully get over my cold before jumping into an intense work week. Conveniently, I’m within walking distance of the office. – Cheers

The Great Donut Race


Great Donut Race 2008

David Cuddy agreed to move up the time of Weber Shandwick’s Great Donut Race 2008 so I could witness the spirit, the competitive drive … the hunger of Weber Shandwick Seattle . I was probably not the only one surprised by the outcome of the head-to-head donut eating race between Senior Vice President, William Brent, and Senior Account Exec, John O’Brien. I have to admit, my money was on O’Brien. But Willie’s not the SVP of WS Cleantech because he’s a dumby. He figured out early that milk was the key. Never bet against the bald skinny guy.


Emotional Rescue

I come to you so silent in the night. So stealthy, so animal quiet. I’ll be your saviour, steadfast and true. I’ll come to your emotional rescue.

emotional rescue at marina mart - port aft auto pilot i like it

The Fry Family Trio took delivery of our new boat today and christened it Emotional Rescue as we took our maiden voyage as boat owners. Jason at Lake Union Sea Ray kindly gave us a little boat training course (blower, check. forward/neutral/reverse, check. pump-out head, check), and then we were on our way, tearing up Lake Union as much as we could under 7 knots. Henry has pretty good sea legs. We found out that he’s happiest when driving the boat. We’ve done some preliminary research on all the destinations within Puget Sound and can’t wait to get started on our nautical adventures. Steady as she goes.

boat has a mirror - let's buy it no more over-the-side business emotional rescue in slip