Fry Lodge, London Style: Fryman Returns

I’m back. In some ways, it’s like I never left: the all-too-familiar drive into London from Heathrow, the walk back from Sainsbury’s with heavy orange plastic bags hanging from each hand, the BBC. But one critical difference: no Kristine and Henry this time, which makes it a little sad and lonely.

Fry Lodge London - kitchen and dining Fry Lodge London - looking down on living room Fry Lodge Londo - lofted bedroom with skylights

I arrived at my hotel, The Park Inn, early this afternoon, and quickly got settled into the apartment where I’ll be living for the next two weeks. My apartment is actually kind of cool – it’s a loft, with kitchen, living room, bathroom and even a deck on the lower level; and a bedroom with operable skylights upstairs. It has an even smaller kitchen than what we had at our Dolphin Square apartment in Pimlico. But then again, I probably won’t be eating too many meals here over the next two weeks (though I did make myself pasta tonight). I’ve got tomorrow to get adjusted to the time zone change and hopefully get over my cold before jumping into an intense work week. Conveniently, I’m within walking distance of the office. – Cheers


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