While the Big Daddy Cat’s Away

Tim’s in Singapore and Hong Kong this week.  We miss you!  So this weekend Henry and I tried to stay busy instead of moping – we had a picnic in the park, played with cousin Jo (sadly, I took no pictures), and watched the crowds head to Gasworks and Fremont to watch the Solstice Parade (which we skipped).  Also pictured – while I unloaded groceries today, Henry snuck back into the car and took the wheel.  Is he saying "cheers"?  Don’t drink and drive, Henry!
At the Park 03Henry at the Wheel 01


Because I have so much spare time in my life these days I thought I’d document* the dimensions for a set of washers, the outdoor game I learned at Man Camp a few years back and have since become addicted to. Not pictured here, but the game requires two boxes and 6 1" washers.  Game rules vary, but you can get a full description of the game by doing a simple Web search. With the temperature in Seattle now above freezing, I hope to get a few games in this weekend.

washer set dimensions washer set dimensions pic

*It’s well known that my sense of perspective has always been a little askew.

One Giant Step for H-Kind

I got the following email from Kristine today at work.

From: Kristine Fry 
Sent: Monday, June 09, 2008 5:50 PM
To: Fry, Tim
Subject: Henry just took eight steps!

By the time I called her 2 minutes later, he had taken 14 steps. I raced home, and we took the pictures below. As of 7:54 pm, crawling is still his preferred mode of transportation, but he’s well on his way to operating on a whole new plane. Congratulations, Henry!

henry walks 1 June 9, 2008 henry walks 2 June 9, 2008

henry walks 3 June 9, 2008 henry walks 4 June 9, 2008