Christmas 2008

Definitely one of the better Christmases in recent memory. Christmas 2008 had all the ingredients of a great one: a nice blanket of snow, a brand new Ruby Louise (and accompanying paternity leave), all the Eitings together in one city, and a happy and healthy Fry Family Quartet. We have a lot to be thankful for as the year comes to a close.

fry lodge snowman
Kristine, Henry, Ruby and I took a trip to the Pike Place Market on Christmas Eve to buy Dungeness crab, produce and the rest of the supplies for dinner at the Fry Lodge later that evening. Henry loved the free samples while Ruby of course slept the whole time.

  kristine and ruby in the market no preservatives
We had the whole Eiting family over for Christmas Eve dinner, after which Kristine and I were up ’til about 1 AM helping Santa Claus assemble the Henry’s and Ruby’s kitchen. Christmas Day was great. The Fry Family Quartet started the day at Fry Lodge opening presents before we headed to Brian and Jesse’s place for the afternoon, where we ate and drank to our heart’s content.
fry lodge tree on xmas morning stockings have been stuffed
H man on guitar OMG so cute
oven inspection more presents

Fry Family, Party of Four

Everybody can stop holding their breath. Henry absolutely loves his baby sister. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter new sibling introduction. Right after leaving the hospital, Kristine, Ruby and I went immediately to pick Henry up in West Seattle, where he’d been hanging out with Claire Ryman and her nephew, Oliver. He was so excited to see us, and his reaction to baby sister was priceless. When we introduced him to her, the first thing he did was lean over her car seat and give her a gentle kiss on the cheek. I wanted to cry it was so sweet.

introductions bro, i get it, you love me. now, enough kissing

beautiful girls tim and ruby have a moment

Our first day all together at the Fry Lodge, Wednesday, was good, though we were all so tired we slept almost all day. Thursday morning was Ruby’s first doctor’s appointment with Dr. Spector  Henry got a flu shot and didn’t even wince – probably because Ruby was watching. Spector had more jokes, but these I can’t repeat in a public forum.

Something that’s pretty amazing to us is how similar Ruby looks to Henry when he was first born. The resemblance is uncanny (below: newborn Ruby on the left, newborn Henry on the right).

ruby december 2008 henry march 2007

Hallway Sex

We get to take Ruby home from the hospital today. Of course, we’re very excited for our little family reunion, and we can’t wait to introduce our children to each other.

Doctor Spector woke us up with his morning visit. I thought I’d heard all his jokes by now, and was happy to hear a new one called "hallway sex." It goes like this: There are 3 phases of marriage. 1) Kitchen sex. When you first get married, you have sex in every room of the house. 2) Bedroom sex. After a few years, things calm down and you keep it to the bedroom. 3) Hallway sex. After a while, you pass each other in the hallway and say, "screw you."

We love our pediatrician.

Diagnosis: Neonatal Fox

Right on schedule, we got our visit from Doctor Spector, Ruby’s and Henry’s pediatrician, at 7 AM this morning. I thought I’d be much better prepared for his post pardom comedy hour. His opener was, "I have an official statement: out of the three of you, Tim is the least attractive in the morning." Spector! He went on to thank us for giving birth to the second of five children he expects us to have. There were several more one-liners like that before he finished with his visit, and he complimented us on how beautiful Ruby is. The last thing he did was remind us to call the insurance company and tell them his diagnosis: Neonatal fox.