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Christmas 2008

Definitely one of the better Christmases in recent memory. Christmas 2008 had all the ingredients of a great one: a nice blanket of snow, a brand new Ruby Louise (and accompanying paternity leave), all the Eitings together in one city, … Continue reading

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Ruby’s Christmas Eve Bath (her first)

Ruby’s not old enough to appreciate unwrapping presents and anticipation of Santa Claus. But she’s old enough to appreciate being given a bath. I can’t think of a better thing to do on Christmas Eve at two weeks old.

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Lodge Fever

Seattle got about 6 inches of snow overnight. We’re not exactly snowed in, but each member of the Fry family is exhibiting signs of cabin fever. Jim and Mary Kay Eiting get here on Monday. A dose of outside perspective … Continue reading

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Henry’s Hobo Hangout

With so much attention being paid to Ruby Louise, we need an occasional Henry-only post. Here are some cute shots of Henry in his bedroom corner, where he sometimes likes to take naps while covering himself with whatever he can … Continue reading

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Fry Family, Party of Four

Everybody can stop holding their breath. Henry absolutely loves his baby sister. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter new sibling introduction. Right after leaving the hospital, Kristine, Ruby and I went immediately to pick Henry up in West Seattle, … Continue reading

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Hallway Sex

We get to take Ruby home from the hospital today. Of course, we’re very excited for our little family reunion, and we can’t wait to introduce our children to each other. Doctor Spector woke us up with his morning visit. … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Neonatal Fox

Right on schedule, we got our visit from Doctor Spector, Ruby’s and Henry’s pediatrician, at 7 AM this morning. I thought I’d be much better prepared for his post pardom comedy hour. His opener was, "I have an official statement: … Continue reading

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