Show Boat

Kristine, Ruby, Henry and I went to the Seattle Boat Show today. Don’t get us wrong, we’re very happy with Emotional Rescue. We just needed a good distraction for Henry. We couldn’t believe the massive discounts – some boats were marked down 40%. I think they made it up with the 6-dollar hot dogs.


Bubble Bath Burst

bubble bath burst 

What little kid doesn’t like bubble bath? I’m learning you can’t make those assumptions as a parent. For Henry’s bath tonight, I didn’t even think to ask him if it’d be ok to use bubble bath. But when he saw the foam, he wanted nothing to do with it and scrambled right out. Even when I completely rinsed the tub (twice!) he regarded the tub as somehow tainted. So, I earned myself a shower with him in the downstairs bathroom. Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I’d fully lathered his head with shampoo, the hot water ran out and I had to rinse his hair with cold water. Guess who’s the 2nd most popular parent in Fry Lodge tonight.

MLK Day in the Park

The Fry family had absolutely nothing planned for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. So, we were pleasantly surprised when Claire showed up at 10:00 to perform her regular Monday nanny duties with Henry. We quickly packed Ruby and a picnic lunch and headed to the Olympic Sculpture Park on the Seattle waterfront. It was sunny and 50 degrees.


We took a nice walk in the park, during which we ran into my old friend and former co-worker, Brian Donohue. Separately, we ran into Patrick (Henry’s "Uncle Dude") and his friend from out of town.

kristine and ruby in front of eagle at sculpture park tim and brian on MLK Day 2009 Olympic Sculpture Park cafe

After our walk, we enjoyed a glass of wine and a picnic lunch in the museum cafe. A great way to spend the day.