A vat of cow bells vs. vat of Wonder Bras

On Sunday night we invited the Seattle block moms (Tricia, Jessica), their husbands (Ben, Paul), their kids (Teddy, unborn Kelley) and Aaron Huey over to the Fry Lodge for chilli, beer and good times, which included the Cranium game called Party Playoff. The rules are hard to explain here, but it results in situations like trying to make the case that landing in a vat of cow bells is better than landing in a vat of Wonder Bras. Cow bells win. 

Cranium Party Playoff. Finally, a Cranium game with PARTY in the name!


One of my favorite Christmas gifts is my new Flip video camera from Kristine. I’ve been shooting little vignettes around Fry Lodge. Here’s one of Henry from last week. The boy exhibits some interesting behavior and taste in literature.