What a difference a day makes.

fry lodge deck.2.27.09 fry lodge front yard2.27.09


Daddy’s home

A week away from Fry Lodge was almost unbearable. But probably not as unbearable as a week AT Fry Lodge taking care of two little kids solo. Kristine deserves a purple heart for her bravery and survival skills while I was in Barcelona (over Valentine’s Day, no less). She also wins the prize for surprise of the century for meeting me at the airport with the rest of the Fry Lodgers. Things are getting back to normal. Ruby has grown at least an inch since before I left. Henry has been saying "Daddy’s home" for the past 3 days. Fry Lodge Forever.

fry lodge love 2.22.09 henry contemplates brotherhood 2.22.09

sweet siblings 2.22.09 tummy time with ruby 2.22.09

super sunday

Henry and Dad needed to get rid of some energy in advance of watching the Super Bowl at Brian and Jesse Eiting’s house, so we went for a field trip to Green Lake and then the Ballard Locks. It worked. Henry got a nice nap in afterwards, while I documented the occasion on video. The other benefit of our outing was giving Kristine time to concoct something in the crock pot to take to the Eitings. Teamwork.