The Deuce

Henry had a very successful birthday party. His favorite friends and family were there, which made it extra special. Thank you Brian, Jesse, Johanna, Katie, Patrick, Claire, Elizabeth, Oliver, Paul, Laura, Madeline, Kristine and baby sister Ruby for being all about Henry for several hours today.

henry blows it little kids table BFFs

Great presents all the way around – Henry is very appreciative. And, I gotta say, Kristine and I nailed the big present. The fort will provide hours and hours of entertainment. We hope.


Lock Out – Part Deux

Unbelievably, Kristine and I were just locked out of Fry Lodge without a key, WITH OUR BABY CHILDREN SLEEPING INSIDE THE HOUSE! If you are among the Fry Lodge faithful, you may recall the November 23 incident, when Kristine, Henry and I got locked in the garage on a Sunday morning and had to call a locksmith. Well, the same thing happened here. Except it’s a Friday night at 10:30, and OUR BABY CHILDREN WERE INSIDE THE HOUSE. Luckily, sister-in-law Katie and fiance Patrick were close by and were able to stop by to let us into our house with their spare key. This is almost too emabarrassing to write.

Fish On!

The Fry Family Quartet had two nice outings this weekend. On Saturday we went to the park near Green Lake and were pleasantly surprised to see Johanna, Brian and Jesse there. Henry got a full workout in, including time on the slide, sandbox and merry-go-round.  On Sunday we took a great trip to the Seattle Aquarium. Henry and Ruby loved the fishes, water mammals and scuba diving humans.


aquarium 1 aquarium 2 aquarium 3