Lock Out – Part Deux

Unbelievably, Kristine and I were just locked out of Fry Lodge without a key, WITH OUR BABY CHILDREN SLEEPING INSIDE THE HOUSE! If you are among the Fry Lodge faithful, you may recall the November 23 incident, when Kristine, Henry and I got locked in the garage on a Sunday morning and had to call a locksmith. Well, the same thing happened here. Except it’s a Friday night at 10:30, and OUR BABY CHILDREN WERE INSIDE THE HOUSE. Luckily, sister-in-law Katie and fiance Patrick were close by and were able to stop by to let us into our house with their spare key. This is almost too emabarrassing to write.

3 thoughts on “Lock Out – Part Deux

  1. Gina

    How do you get locked in a garage?I\’d also like to remind you of the hell you gave me when I locked the keys in the car on the Shandwick rafting trip. (I have a picture somewhere of you, Nate and Mike trying to break into it. What comes around…

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