All My Children

No matter how tired I am or how hard life seems to get, these two make it all worth it.

henry and ruby spring 2009 ruby and henry spring 2009


An All-American Girl

I can’t think of a better foil to tax day than the birth of Kristine Terese Eiting (aka Kristine Fry). Thanks for being born, Kristine. I love you.  And Henry and Ruby love you, too. Happy Birthday!

2-year-old Kristine 1978 kristine and kids on alki

4-5-6 Observed

Four years ago I proposed to Kristine. Three years ago we were married on the island of Kauai. Two years ago our son, Henry Owen Fry, was born. One year ago our daughter, Ruby Louise Fry, was conceived. What will the next year bring? Tomorrow, April 5, is our wedding anniversary. My wife is the most beautiful, compassionate and lovable woman on the planet. Happy anniversary, Kristine.