Emotional to the Rescue

Pauly and his wonderful girlfriend, Leah, are in town for the weekend. We were all in need of a serious Rescue on Saturday, so at noon Paul, Leah, Katie, Patrick, Brian and I headed out on the boat with some Paseo sandwiches and a cooler of cold beverages. It was a perfect day on the water. No whale sightings this trip, but fun all the same. We extended the fun into the evening, adding Kristine and Jessica to the mix, with a fabulous dinner at The Palace Kitchen.

leah and paul.5.30.09 brian and katie on the bow.5.30.09 nice boating outfit patrick.5.30.09


Memorial Day Weekend – Seattle Style

If you follow anybody from Seattle on the Twittersphere, you know that we’ve had fabulous weather this weekend. The Fry Family Quartet took full advantage of the sun, meeting our quotas of both fun and work. First the fun:

ER first mates 5.23.09 captn fryman 5.23.09

daft cabin emotional rescue funny face

On Saturday we took a leisurely cruise (Ruby’s first) on Emotional Rescue. Henry was nervous at first (bouncy legs, mom-clutching), but Ruby took right to the water – letting the gentle waves rock her to sleep. After about an hour, though, Henry was ready to take the boat out himself.  The kids did great, and the most exciting part of the trip came when we were on the outside of Elliott Bay. It happened too quickly to capture with the camera. About 50 yards to our starboard (right), two Orca whales surfaced, flinging their dorsal fins into the sky. It was the most amazing, unexpected thing; and it reminded us how awesome it is to live in Seattle. 

After the killer whale excitement, we returned to our slip and enjoyed a nice on-board picnic before returning to the Lodge.

emotional rescue picnic interesting water sport ruby has her sea legs

Less picture worthy: I painted the fence on Sunday.  With the exception of some paint thinner splattering in my eye, it was the best fence paint to-date. On Monday, Kristine, Ruby and I went shopping while Henry hung out with Claire. In the afternoon, we got an unexpected surprise when my Uncle Charley showed up for a visit. We’re always grateful for Charley’s visits and his unique perspective on life. And the kids always get the most interesting souvenirs! Only Charley can appreciate how much a 2-year-old would love a AAA guide book. Thank you, Charley. 

Fry Lodge Catchup

To satisfy demands from certain Fry Lodge Faithful who shall remain nameless.  What have we been up to?  April is always a busy month with anniversary, Easter, 75% of our birthdays and visits from Grandparents.  So here are a few pictures:

IMG_3030 IMG_3031

Henry went for a swim in the hotel pool when Grandma and Grandpa Eiting came to visit.  I love the wetsuit.

IMG_3099     IMG_3110 IMG_3106 IMG_3107

Aunt Katie and future Uncle Patrick (aka "Uncle Dude") came over for the Easter egg hunt before the jelly bean choking incident ended the fun.

IMG_3131IMG_3136      IMG_3141

Opening day of boating season was the first weekend in May while Ruby and I were in Omaha for Sarah’s wedding.  Henry and Tim had a boy’s weekend here in Seattle, which I’m sure involved no showers and wearing the same clothes for three days.  But they also put the boat back in the water in our new slip at the Shilshole Bay Marina and watched the boat parade and rowing regatta at the cut by UW.


And here’s Henry playing with the camera this morning.  Nice bedhead, H-man.