Boat Camping

The Fry Family Quartet, with special guests Katie Eiting, and Alison and Kevin McCabe, squeezed every bit of fun out of this Pacific Northwest weekend. We packed Emotional Rescue to the gills on Saturday morning and headed across Puget Sound to Blake Island for a boat camping weekend – Henry’s and Ruby’s first such experience.

two ships passing in the sound  in heaven

two fry girls  sister act

We spent the weekend playing washers, taking naps and enjoying each other’s company. Henry loved sleeping on the boat. Ruby slept better in a tent than she sleeps in her own crib. And the raccoons’ midnight raid of the boat was foiled by bungeed coolers.

that washer will get lost alison throwin down

washers in action automatic win!

The weather, dock space and camp site availability all went in our favor. It’s difficult to put into words the feeling you get sitting on a sunny, forested island watching the ferries cris-cross Puget Sound, with the Seattle skyline in the background. Life is good.

water hot buns donut


Easy Rider

Had a wonderful Father’s Day. Kristine, Henry and Ruby got me a child bike seat for my road bike so that I can now share one of my favorite pastimes with my children (not to mention provide Kristine with an extra break while I get some exercise). A true Fry Lodge win win. After a quick assembly and bike tune up in the garage, Henry and I were off for our first ride together. He absolutely loved it.

ready to ride mom and henry preride

easy riders i where my helmet everywhere


After a quick trip to New York, it was nice to return home to a family BBQ at the Eitings on Saturday afternoon. Mary Kay was in town, so it was an extra special occasion. Brian enlisted me to help with the Ratatouille (my first). Henry and Johanna had some good cousin fun, first in the wagon, then in the bath. Dinner was excellent. A very nice Father’s Day Eve.

eitings and frys june 20 2009 vegetables pre Ratatouille

on the wagon coffee break

Long Day

The Fry Family Quartet is home safely at Fry Lodge – Seattle. Though a bit road weary, we’re all happy to be home and sleeping in our own beds. Our flight left Lihue airport at 10:30 PM Thursday and landed at 7:00 AM Friday in Seattle. They call it the miracle flight because kids tend to sleep the entire way. Henry and Ruby did not disappoint.

where 4-5-6 happened kristine and kids inside st. raphael's

Before camping out one last time Kiahuna poolside, our family paid a visit to St. Raphael’s Catholic Church in Koloa, about a mile from where we were staying. Kristine and I were married at St. Raphael’s a little more than three years ago (04-05-06), so it was nice to return – this time with 2 children. Kind of hard to believe. The church hadn’t changed, though it looks like Father Edison (who married us) is no longer the pastor.

immaculate drinking the pog

We had the most amazing vacation, and we know how lucky we are.