“I’m killing a spider so this will be a better place to live”

That’s what I found myself saying to Henry as he asked me why I was swatting the massively hairy, barking spider that had built a subdivision right outside our garage door.

It wasn’t all violence at the Fry Lodge this weekend. We got in a nice variety of activity – from bike rides to boat trips to pool parties. The boat trip was soul soothing. The pool party was intoxicating. Hence the spider incident.

Circling back

On our Saturday afternoon bike ride along the Burke Gillman Trail I missed a turn and called back to Henry, "oops, we need to circle back." A few seconds later I felt his little fingers lift up my tee-shirt (he was in the toddler seat on the back of my bike), and he started tracing circles on my back. I thought at first, "oh cute, he’s tickling me," until I realized he was following my instructions.

We had a glorious ride. Went all the way to Golden Gardens, where we watched people on the beach while Henry collected rocks.