Keeping it in the family

the perfect couch

In 1997, while living in a 400-sq-foot studio apartment, I was in the market for a very specific type of couch – backless, stylish, big enough for guests to sleep on. And cheap.  There is no such thing, so I ended up building my own custom couch, at nights after work, in my apartment. I had sawdust on all of my belongings for months, but it was worth it.

I moved out of that studio in 2000. When my brothers came over to help me move, we realized there was no way to remove it from the apartment – it was too big to fit through the door. Fortunately, I knew exactly how to disassemble it, and so I was able to move it to my new condo. After a while, my sofa needs changed. So, Kristine inherited the couch. Then my cousin Drew. And, as of last Sunday, cousin Georgia. I’m so happy the couch is still around. Georgia and Dan: you have a big responsibility.


Henry Report card

Henry has been in preschool for about 6 weeks. The teachers at Seattle Learning Center are great about sending parents notes every week summarizing the past week’s activities and upcoming milestones. They also give Henry a daily report card. Some we want to frame. Others we don’t. Here’s an excerpt from the most recent report from Miss Lily at SLC:

<<This week, we learned about the rain, wind and snow.  We played with water, blew bubbles and made snowflakes.  We also had our music teacher-Miss Cynthia, come last week to teach the kids fun musical activities.  They learned the high and low sound, how to listen and recognize instruments and sing songs!-to name a few.>>

henry art session at preschool henry dancing at preschool

henry preschool rocking horse preschool jam session

Ruby Gets Religion

in the name of the father, and  nice tie

When Ruby woke up at 5:30 AM today, she had no idea that within a few hours she’d be inexplicably sprinkled with water by a strange man in a green dress, changed into a fabulous white dress, then put back in front of the green dress man who would proceed to rub oil on her forehead. Who would ever expect a day like that? Thanks to friends and family who supported Ruby today, with special thanks to Katie and Patrick Rossmann, God parents to the cutest little 10-month-old around.

frys and rossmansruby anticipates the spirit



Sacramental Saturday

The Fry Family Quartet is back together this weekend, after yet another Fryman week in New York. Ruby is getting baptized on Sunday, so we had a, um, very thorough rehearsal at St. Johns this morning. She will be sprinkled, not dunked. Out of the eight kiddies getting baptized, she’ll be the only girl. Which means no competition over who has the best dress (not that it would have necessarily been a competition). After baptism practice, we probably should have gone straight to anointing of the sick; the Nebraska Cornhuskers lost to Iowa State in Lincoln for the first time since 1977. Eight turnovers. Go Big Red. We then moved on to do a little tuxedo shopping in downtown Seattle. Next up: some well-deserved naps.

Ruby Kristine and Henry 10.24.09 Ruby Louise Oct 24 2009

Classic Fry Lodge Weekend

We capped off Jim and Mary Kay’s week in Seattle with a great Fry Lodge family get-together, complete with Nebraska football, a BBQ in the rain, and an evening feast – thanks to Mutual Fish – of snapper, lobster and prawns. At one point, all four grandchildren (Henry, Johanna, Ruby and 2-week-old Rebecca) were asleep in different rooms of the Fry Lodge. Despite the Husker loss, spirits were high. The only missing ingredient was the newly-engaged couple of Paul and Leah.

red lobster ruby lou oct 17 2009

shrimp h-man oct 17 2009