Keeping it in the family

the perfect couch

In 1997, while living in a 400-sq-foot studio apartment, I was in the market for a very specific type of couch – backless, stylish, big enough for guests to sleep on. And cheap.  There is no such thing, so I ended up building my own custom couch, at nights after work, in my apartment. I had sawdust on all of my belongings for months, but it was worth it.

I moved out of that studio in 2000. When my brothers came over to help me move, we realized there was no way to remove it from the apartment – it was too big to fit through the door. Fortunately, I knew exactly how to disassemble it, and so I was able to move it to my new condo. After a while, my sofa needs changed. So, Kristine inherited the couch. Then my cousin Drew. And, as of last Sunday, cousin Georgia. I’m so happy the couch is still around. Georgia and Dan: you have a big responsibility.


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