Out of their tree

First the exciting part. After our very streamlined Christmas tree hunt at Mountain Creek tree farm at the base of Mt. Si, we stopped in North Bend for lunch, where we saw an old friend Kelly McGrath with husband and two kids. As we got up to leave, we went to their table to say a quick hello-goodbye. We had no more than said hello when Henry kicked off one of his Thomas the Tank Engine boots, which went sailing across the unsuspecting family’s table to knock over a full beverage and spill all over their 4-year-old daughter. Awkward. We got out of North Bend as fast as we could.

the tree 2009 getting in position fry family quartet at mt creek tree farm 2009

But before that happened, we had a great time picking out the Fry Lodge Christmas tree. We all seem to easily agree on the type and height of the tree. But Ruby doesn’t have a vote yet, so that could change. We of course bought our annual egg-shaped tree ornament and filled up our coffee mugs for Frymans on the drive home. Saw our friends the Richards and Dacquistos, too, which was nice.

tie me up tie me down the restaurant the boots


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