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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The Fry Lodge Quartet made it to Palm Springs without incident. Sunny and 63 degrees today. So far Henry has only broken Grandpa’s toy golf cart. Hopefully Santa Claus can figure out how to get through the gas pipe that … Continue reading

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Pinball Wizard

He ain’t got no distractions Can’t hear those buzzers and bells Don’t see no lights a flashin’ Plays by sense of smell I thought I was The Bally table king But I just handed My pinball crown to him

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Fry Lodge Reading Room

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Driving Miss Ruby

I don’t know whose facial expression is funnier. This was taken today as Kristine took the kiddies shopping.

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Ruby has cake, eats it too

This was taken on Ruby’s Tuesday birthday. I wonder what she was thinking.

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Year One

One year ago today, Ruby Louise Fry quickly arrived, turning the Fry Lodge Trio into the Fry Lodge Quartet. Thanks for making the Lodge complete, Ruby, and good luck as you enter your second year on the planet. We love … Continue reading

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Henry’s Run

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