Scoping out Emotional Rescue II

With Emotional Rescue in storage and the perpetually gray skies of Seattle in the winter, we needed an activity to lift our spirits. So the Fry family spent the afternoon at the Seattle Boat Show. Henry, of course, had to drive every boat we toured. Not sure what Ruby thought of the field trip, but she rolled with it, as usual. Our favorite was the dual-hulled Aspen.

stunt driving - boat show '10 tim and ruby in front of Emotional Rescue II - boat show '10


Sibling Love

It’s exciting to see Henry and Ruby start to play with each other instead of near each other. Sometimes I do question Henry’s motives. For a 2-and-a-half-year-old, there’s a fine line between hug and body check, Eskimo kiss and head butt, slide lessons and slide tackles.

catch me ruby um ok

Engine #9

The local fire station had an open house today. We had no option but to check it out. It was pretty much everything we dreamed of, but I was a little disappointed they didn’t have a pole to slide down.  Apparently fire stations are phasing them out due to sleep-walking injuries (no joke). 

at front of engine 9  henry at the wheel of engine 9

 firefightin fryboys Ruby Louise watching