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Job Fair at Fry Lodge

Never too early to be thinking about a career at Fry Lodge. There are signs Henry may be a valet. Ruby has shown an interest in medicine. Still trying to figure out what I’ll do when I grow up. Advertisements

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Tent City

When I called from the road last night Kristine and Henry had just constructed a tent in Henry’s room. Not thinking clearly, I told him I’d send him a picture of my tent. So, when I got to my hotel … Continue reading

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I am a Rock

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Spring Seattle

The sun was out today, so we packed the minivan, filled up our Frymans and headed to the park, where Henry and Ruby got their ride on and we all began to remember what’s it’s like to have nice weather … Continue reading

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Pancake Tuesday

I can’t believe I had not heard of Pancake Tuesday before today. The Fry Lodge has decided to not only embrace the tradition, but add to it. The way I see it, eating pancakes for dinner makes it ok to … Continue reading

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Ruby Walks on Valentines Day

To demonstrate her love for life today, Ruby Louise Fry took her first solo steps across the room. I was upstairs when I heard cheering from downstairs from Katie, Patrick and Eiting kids cousin, Jennie Watson. Ruby had walked.  Nobody … Continue reading

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Grandpa Fry’s Truck

About 30 years ago my Grandpa Fry built me a wooden truck. Somehow I’ve managed to hold onto it through moves, remodels and some rough livin’. Henry discovered it in a cabinet the other day and insisted on adding it … Continue reading

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