Job Fair at Fry Lodge

Never too early to be thinking about a career at Fry Lodge. There are signs Henry may be a valet. Ruby has shown an interest in medicine. Still trying to figure out what I’ll do when I grow up.

valet parking Ruby Lou MD

take a bedtime treat and call me in the morning lightning macqueen works alone


Tent City

When I called from the road last night Kristine and Henry had just constructed a tent in Henry’s room. Not thinking clearly, I told him I’d send him a picture of my tent. So, when I got to my hotel room I found myself draping a sheet over the luggage rack to follow through on my promise. Now Henry thinks I build tents on my business trips.

henrys tent dads tent

Spring Seattle

The sun was out today, so we packed the minivan, filled up our Frymans and headed to the park, where Henry and Ruby got their ride on and we all began to remember what’s it’s like to have nice weather in Seattle.

getting their ride on and when things get tough she rides 

tunnel tim and ruby feb 20 2010

I decided to forego the nap that the rest of the Fry family took so I could get my own ride on. Perfect day to be on a bike in Seattle.

kerry park feb 20 2010 olympic sculture park feb 20 2010

Ruby Walks on Valentines Day

To demonstrate her love for life today, Ruby Louise Fry took her first solo steps across the room. I was upstairs when I heard cheering from downstairs from Katie, Patrick and Eiting kids cousin, Jennie Watson. Ruby had walked.  Nobody had a camera to capture the moment, so I had to order her to do it again this evening in order to document the milestone. Congratulations, Ruby. And thanks for waiting for your Godparents and cousin Jennie to be present before taking your first steps.

run walks first time(ish) feb 14 2010 jenny watson and ruby fry 02 14 10

Grandpa Fry’s Truck

About 30 years ago my Grandpa Fry built me a wooden truck. Somehow I’ve managed to hold onto it through moves, remodels and some rough livin’. Henry discovered it in a cabinet the other day and insisted on adding it to his auto collection, which has lots of trucks already. But I bet none of them will be around in 2040. Hopefully Grandpa Fry’s truck will, though.  If watching my son play with the truck my grandfather built wasn’t enough, I opened the lid (it was news to Henry that the lid had a hinge) and found an envelope addressed to me as a kid, written in Grandpa Fry’s handwriting. What a find.  I think I’m going to have a cry.

grandpa frys truck henry and grandpa frys truck

the giving truck letter from grandpa fry circa 1981