Saturday = Donut Day


“My back is broke, my feet are hurtin’”

The Fry Family Quartet did 12 miles with the double stroller to celebrate Father’s Day. Henry and Ruby alternated between napping and poking each other while Kristine and I took turns pushing the small Frys in their portable green house. Ate lunch at Elliott Bay Marina to wait out the worst of the rain before heading home via the Ballard locks. The kids had to make room for dad’s blistered feet in their bath. All in all, a perfect father’s day.

father's day walk fathers day trek 2010

mid-walk stretch - kristine mid-walk stretch - tim

all my children summer 2010 why to have children

School’s out. For the Summer.

Henry finished his first school year this week. To chart his development since September, Henry’s teacher, Miss Lilly, provided us a one-page report card of sorts. Some excerpts:

Observations of Personality: Henry is a happy child who loves action and run around. He is great at sharing his toys and showing excitement for gymnastics and going outdoors.

Cognitive/Behavior/Speech: He still likes to be left alone sometimes … At the beginning of the school year, Henry had some challenging behaviors … By the end of the year, Henry has shown great maturity for a three-year-old. He knows how to share, listen, and express his emotions with words … He has fantastic speech and memorization skills.

Social/Emotional: Henry is the popular boy in preschool and he plays with every kid…



henry first day of school 09.08.09

Henry in bar