Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

I started to hold my breath as we inched down the ramp toward the ferry this morning, watching the woman in the orange vest counting vehicles in line. It’d only remotely occurred to us that we might not get onto the morning ferry back to Anacortes, and neither Kristine nor I exhaled until we were actually on the boat. Looking into my rearview mirror, I could see they weren’t letting any other cars on behind us. Phew!









Henry and Ruby thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with their cousins on Saturday. So much so that Henry was sick all day and all night Sunday. When we finally sat down to eat some pasta on Sunday night, Henry said, “Hey, that’s the pan I used to throw up in!”  We had to convince him that we’d scrubbed it really well.  On the bright side, Henry’s low-key convalescence allowed Kristine and me to finish putting together all the furniture. We’re now ready to fully enjoy summer at Fry Lodge Mud Bay.