“Dad, I missed you, but I didn’t miss you.”

Huge shout out to Brian and Jesse for watching and entertaining four kids under the age of 5 this past weekend. Specifically, a 4-year-old, a 3-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 1-year old. Henry and Ruby couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had. And this morning, Henry said, “Dad, I missed you, but I didn’t miss you. I had so much fun!”


South End

After sleeping in (!) Kristine and I biked around the South end of Lopez on Saturday, discovering new roads and places to take pit stops – including the rocky beach in front of Paul Allen’s house. We’re a little disappointed he didn’t come down to say hi.

Father’s Day Van Adventure & More

We see it every weekend as we drive down our dirt road to Fry Lodge Mud Bay. But my dad was the first to let his curiosity send him traipsing through the overgrown woods adjacent to our property to get a closer look. Henry and I weren’t far behind. We got chills up our spines as we checked out the late 60s era Dodge van that the earth had long ago reclaimed. It was like a scene from Lost. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any Dharma Beer inside. Wonder what happened to the people who left it there.





That’s the last thing we did before heading to catch the ferry back to Anacortes on father’s day. Carl and Kaye paid a visit to to Mud Bay this weekend so we could have a double celebration – Kaye’s 70th birthday and father’s day. Lots of great memories for all:  fabulous grilled food, as usual; Henry’s dalliance with a message in a bottle; the first washers game of the year; another ferry barely made. Way to go Frys.






Sea Legs

I have such great memories of digging for clams in front of my grandpa’s house near the Dungeness Spit (about 20 miles south of Fry Lodge Mud Bay).  Those memories came flooding back this weekend as I watched Henry tromp around at low tide with his Uncle Dude (aka Patrick). Both Henry and Ruby have become obsessed with everything the ocean produces. Toy cars used to litter the living room. Now I have to watch my step to avoid stepping on clam, crab and mussel shells. Not to mention beach rocks and sea beans.  Thank you, Katie and Patrick, for the quality time you spent with the Frys this weekend. Henry and Ruby love their aunt and uncle.