F is for Fry Family Feast Funday

What started as a quick Saturday morning trip to Seward Park with the Eiting clan turned into a family feast, complete with naps, walks, movies, clams, lobster and Sting’s pasta (he like’s it spicy). Thanks, Brian, Jesse, Johanna and Becca for an entire day of delicious fun.


Ruby Paints

From school: “Ruby paints her vase using glittery paint. She doesn’t like getting her hands dirty or messy, but quickly deduced that she could paint it easily without getting dirty by holding the bottom of the cup.”

San Diego Chargers

Have had a fantastic first day in San Diego. Spent the first half of the day walking to and thoroughly enjoying the amusement park a few miles down the beach. Each kid ended up with a carnival game prize, thanks to the just-good-enough aim of Brian, Jesse, Kristine and yours truly. And Henry got his first (and potentially last) taste of a real carnival ride (the Tilt-a-whirl).  Happy 40th anniversary, Jim and Mary Kay! Good times.