Evening Show at Spencer Spit

After witnessing a boat run ashore at Spencer Spit over Memorial Day weekend, we decided to go back and watch it be pulled off the beach during high tide. The boat was only half the show.


So Happy Not to be a Boat Owner

Imagine our surprise when we arrived at Spencer Spit today. It’s not every day that you see a 45-foot yacht on a beach. Apparently, last night’s winds were strong enough to break this boat free from its anchor; and the owners woke up this morning on the beach. It was quite a spectacle for the beach combers, and an interesting backdrop for our picnic.

We spent the day doing exactly what one should do on Memorial Day weekend – hanging out with family and grilling some tasty food. We were joined by The Rossmanns, the Eitings and the Goses. And tonight?  We’re going back to Spencer Spit to watch the boat get unbeached at high tide.