So long, Lopez

Lopez summer vacation 2012 is a wrap. We’ll remember this one for a while: the week we started crabbing, Henry landed a shark, and Ruby gained a much deeper appreciation for the rock music (she really got into last night’s Full-on Idle performance at the Lopez Community Fest). And so much more. We’re leaving wanting more, which is a good thing.


Time to Reflect

As we near the end of our Lopez summer vacation, it’s important to reflect on the things we love about this place. The list is pretty long, and one of the most important aspects to me is how well the island lends itself to serenity. On my bike ride this morning I discovered yet another quiet place: Watmough Bay. I predict many trips back.


We’ve discovered a good resource for Lopez Island activities:  That’s how we found out about the u-pick berry farm the other day. It’s also how we learned about the tours at Sweetwater Shellfish Farm today.  For some reason, we all envisioned some sort of festive scene, with oyster samples and maybe even some beer. Instead, we found ourselves the only visitors to a small operation – sheepishly asking the one guy who was working if they were giving tours. It was a very personalized tour, and we know a lot more about oyster production as a result. No samples or beer, though. As we got back into our minivan, Henry said, “Dad, that’s not what I thought it was going to be.”