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Henry’s First Rudy’s Haircut

Probably could have gone slightly better. Advertisements

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got milk?

I remember it like it was yesterday. On Henry’s one-year birthday (which also happened to be Easter Sunday), we celebrated with a bunny cake smeared with cream cheese frosting. Which Henry proceeded to smear all over his body.  It was … Continue reading

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Ruby goes to school

Ruby spent all of last week choosing this outfit for her first day at her new preschool. We’ve also caught her practicing this smile in the mirror. The next 15 years should be interesting.

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Crabs, Marshmallows and Foos Ball

It’s a good thing we had four crab in the freezer – Mud Bay wasn’t givin’ up the Dungeness like it did earlier this summer. We had an amazing fireside crab feed on Saturday night, followed by some flame-teasin’ marshmallow … Continue reading

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Lappin’ up Lopez

August on Lopez. Ahhhh.   We were able to get up to the island early on Friday, making it feel like a three-day weekend.  Activities included washers, beach picnics, bike races, crabbing, and some spying.  Mud Bay does not disappoint on the Dungeness crab … Continue reading

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Life on the Ledge

Kristine and Henry have been playing washers this afternoon. Kristine just landed a ledge.  Game over, Henry.

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Boys’ Weekend vs. Girls’ Weekend

The Fry Family Quartet split into Two Duos this past weekend. And I’m thinking our experiences couldn’t have been more different: Team Ruby/Kristine focused on shopping and ice cream in Seattle, while Team Sharkbait/Fryman focused on swimming and not showering in North … Continue reading

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