Fry Family Circus

The Fry family spent Saturday at the Bite of Broadview with the Gallagher family. We ate, we drank, we did art projects, we rode the rides. We did the velcro wall.


French Fry

Kristine and I volunteered to organize Henry’s kindergarten class creation of an item to sell at this year’s St. Joe auction. You’ll have to wait to see the final product, but we can tell you the project involved getting 19 kindergarteners dressed up as Frenchmen for a photoshoot. Ruby agreed to help us get set up. Somehow I get the sense she’s done this before.


Cross Country!

Today was a completely new experience for every member of the Fry Family Quartet: it was our first-ever cross country meet. We didn’t quite know what to expect – beyond the fact that Henry would be running a half mile. Which he did quite quickly. There were thousands of kids, and the scene was a bit chaotic. 45 minutes of waiting was followed by a 4-minute race, was followed by a trip to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.

Mountain Adventure

On Saturday I took the kids up to Cle Elum to visit my friend Casey and introduce them to the artist who painted their portraits. Casey’s neighbor, Jim – who was operating a backhoe – instantly turned a boring drive with dad into a mountain adventure. Henry and Ruby got to dig a big hole with a real backhoe! The list of life skills continues to grow.

St. Joseph vs. St. Bernadette

Today was Henry’s first-ever soccer game. The kids did a lot better than I thought they would. For the most part, they kicked the ball in the right direction; and they all seemed to be into it for the entire game (four 10-minute quarters). They don’t keep score at this age, but both teams seemed to score about the same number of goals. Henry looked pretty good out there.  His cheering squad did pretty well, too.