We got this

As we were on our 5th hour of driving today, Henry said: “You were right, Dad, it was a good idea to drive to New York. ” Apparently, he had been skeptical of our little road trip until today. Henry has good reason to be a convert. He has seen some amazingly beautiful country over the last 5 days – from the lush waterfalls of Washington, to the rocky canyons of Wyoming and the rolling corn fields of Nebraska. We did 400 miles today, and we’ll do more than that tomorrow as we head to Mahoney State Park outside of Omaha.


Sometimes the scenery isn’t enough to pass the time, so I’ve broken out Fry Lodge Quiz Show: Road Trip Edition for the kids to compete from the back seat.

Q. How many states have we driven through so far? A. Five

Q. What state was the rodeo announcer from? A. Idaho

Q. What color wine does Grandma Fry drink? A. White.  Q. Grandma Eiting? A. Red.

3000 miles, we got this.



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