The Art of Education

As we called the kids into the living room for a “Fry Lodge news announcement,” we were pretty anxious. Kristine and I had carefully prepared our talking points all morning. I had even practiced a little speech while in the shower. We were about to tell Henry and Ruby that, effective Tuesday, they would be attending PS3, the public school up the street. Though we are convinced this is absolutely the right thing to do for our kids’ education and our family overall, we were prepared for a negative reaction. Much to our relief, they were both excited. Henry even said, “That’s where I’ve wanted to go all along.” Phew. We’re excited about the switch.  PS3 has a great reputation among New York schools. Academic performance is high, art is incorporated into all the classes, and there is a strong sense of community, with lots of parent involvement in school activities. And to top it all off, it’s an even shorter walk to school.


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