New Traditions

For years, we cut down our Christmas tree at Mt Creek Tree Farm in the Cascade Mountains – right at the base of Mt Si. Every year, the weekend after Thanksgiving, we’d pile into the car, put on some Christmas music and drive up into the mountains on sometimes icy roads. I’d use the same rope, the same saw and the same blue tarp to lay on the ground as Henry and I cut down the tree that would usually take some effort to find. We’d always eat lunch at the same restaurant in North Bend before driving back down the mountain to Seattle. The whole thing was about a five hour affair. This morning, we stepped out onto the sidewalk, picked out our tree (already in the stand), paid the guy, and carried it up three flights of stairs to our apartment. All in about 5 minutes. I like our new tradition.


Husker Holiday

With Jim and Mary Kay in town, we traveled to Brooklyn on the day after Thanksgiving for a Husker party. Too bad the Cornhuskers didn’t show up. We still had a great day, complete with backyard grill time and ginger bread house construction. The cousins have gotten a healthy dose of each other’s company. Go Big Red.

Husker road trip weekend

I  got a hall pass this weekend to do a road trip with Brian, Paul and Jonathan to see the Huskers play Penn State in Beaver Stadium, the 2nd largest stadium in North America (and 3rd largest in the world). It was a perfect day for football: snow flurries, freezing temperatures, good friends, and a Husker win in overtime. Thanks for the hall pass, Kristine. Good to be home.

Fry Lodge Screens

I’ve posted before how Fry media consumption has changed over the generations. I continue to witness the rapid evolution of that at home. What’s pictured below has become pretty standard on Saturday mornings at Fry Lodge. And according to a recent study by Common Sense Media, it’s apparently become standard in more and more homes across the U.S.  Grandma, I promise to take the kids to the park today. 


Winter’s coming

Recognizing that light rain jackets that might have worked in Seattle are not suitable for winter in NY, we made our way to REI today to outfit the kids in proper attire for cold weather. Other than that, we listened to music, played Minecraft and waited for our radiators to start working.


1st Grade Content

Henry’s class had their “publishing party” today, where each kid had the opportunity to read their story to the class and parents. Henry’s was about our cross-country road trip from Seattle to NYC. He was great. And I love his teacher, who is very encouraging. He asks that, to show appreciation, people don’t clap. Jazz hands are the preferred method. PS3 is awesome.