Happy New Year from Fry Lodge

We had our favorite Dungeness crab New Year’s Eve dinner tonight. Ruby creates a pile before eating. Henry eats as he goes. We love them both equally. After a delicious dinner, we stayed awake by the fire as long as we could before calling it quits (9:30pm). That’s when Kaye started exhibiting anomic aphasia. Happy New Year.


Day trip

Kristine and I got away today for a mid-vacation vacation to Friday Harbor. My dad dropped us off so we could take an inter-island ferry to San Juan Island. Everything was going smoothly on our date until Kristine rolled an ankle tripping down some stairs. After wrapping her ankle, we decided the best plan was to ease the pain with a few Manhattans before taking the ferry back to Lopez (I drank sympathetically.) Despite the injury, we enjoyed the day off, and Henry and Ruby got some quality time with their grandparents.

Lopez Lag

Henry and Ruby are still on East Coast time, so they have been waking up at 4 AM every morning since we’ve been on Lopez. Which means by noon we’ve already had a pretty full day. So far we’ve made several fires, explored the beach, built sand castles, checked the crab pots, and broke up countless sibling squabbles. We were just a hair short of a keeper Dungeness crab this morning. Hoping for better luck and a later wake up call tomorrow.

Back on Mud Bay

The Fry Family Quartet is back in the Pacific Northwest for the holidays. We’re joined at Fry Lodge Mud Bay with Grandma and Grumpa Fry. The grass is green, the air is clear, and – hopefully – the crabs are hungry. Grumpa, Henry, Ruby and I took the boat out this morning. It only took about 50 pulls to get the motor started. The three of us took a nice cruise to the end of Mud Bay to drop the crab pots. We were the only humans on the water. So peaceful. It’s good to be back.

Our first NYC Christmas

It was a very, merry Christmas at the Fry Lodge. We had a relaxed morning opening gifts and drinking coffee at Fry Lodge West Village. Kristine got a framed map of Seattle. I got original, framed abstract art from Henry and Ruby (by Henry and Ruby). And the kids got, well, everything. We’re very fortunate. The best gift is perspective, and I hope we never lose that. We reminisced throughout the day about our visit to New York last Christmas, before we knew we’d be moving here. What a year it has been.

In the afternoon, we took the subway to Brooklyn to see the Eitings, who had prepared a special feast of the beast. The cousins thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company, as usual. Merry Christmas to the Fry Lodge Faithful. We love you all.

Christmas Legend

Fry Family tradition dictates that everybody opens one present before bedtime on Christmas Eve. By the luck of the draw, Henry and Ruby opened each other’s gifts for each other. Henry’s present: Katy Perry, PRISM. Which he loves. Ruby’s present? Bob Marley, Legend. Which she loves. I see how things are unfolding.