The Moon King

Today I traveled by bus to visit the castles built by Ludwig II, King of Bavaria. He was a strange dude. With no wife and no family, Ludwig lived alone. He slept during the day and rode horses at night (hence his Moon King nickname). He lived in a lavish castle, where he entertained no guests and played the organ (badly) when he wasn’t riding his horse. So he wouldn’t have to see any servants at mealtime, he had his dining table constructed so that it could be lowered into the floor (like a dumb waiter). Every time he finished a course, the table would lower so that dishes could be cleared and the next course could be loaded. Oh, and he ate peacocks. Ludwig died at 40, before his big castle, Neuschwanstein, could be finished. But not before he had a cave room constructed right off his bedroom. So that was my day – I learned about an agoraphobic king and saw a few castles.




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