The main attraction in Lopez Village is the skate park, which is quite a scene among the five- to sixteen-year-old set. As soon as Henry and Ruby open their eyes in the morning they ask what time we’ll be going to the skate park. They love it. It’s fun to watch them pick up tricks from the other skaters. Below you can spot Henry in the blue shorts as he comes off of the ramp on the right. Ruby is in the yellow helmet, racing out of the picture on the left.



Oh Captain My Captain

Not to be outdone by the 2nd Mate, Henry took control of the tiller on Monday’s crabbing return trip (we got one Dungeness keeper). He combined steering and speed control, indicating he might have a future with Washington State Ferries.


Pink is the new gray

One of the great things about Fry Lodge Mud Bay is the endless supply of home improvement projects. Today’s activity: painting the mailbox so it would stand out to mail deliverers and passers-by. Ruby was particularly excited by this project – especially when she found a can of pink spray paint. It took a negotiation, but we finally agreed that pink would be the inside color. I hope it spices up the mail carrier’s route.


Driver’s Ed

After I started the outboard motor to head back to Fry Lodge from checking the crab pots, Ruby grabbed the tiller and said she wanted to drive us home. So I let her. Once she figured out that left turns right and right turns left, she got a handle on steering. She was very focused. Anybody watching our zigzag course would have thought we were drunk, but Ruby actually did an excellent job. Almost too good. I think I need to start hiding the car keys.


Earlier in the day, Henry, Ruby and I took the kayak out for some sightseeing. As usual, Lopez Sound did not disappoint. We saw a pretty cute seal, which made the kids’ trip. Another day in paradise.


The Fry Family Quartet had an especially sweet reunion this evening. Kristine, Henry and Ruby picked me up at the Islander dock after my float plane splashed down from Seattle. Upon arrival at Fry Lodge Mud Bay, we immediately took the boat out to drop the crab pots. That was followed by a nice Dungeness crab dinner. Life is good.



Nothing compares to a good long bike ride to clear the head, soothe the body and charge the soul. Just rode to the George Washington Bridge and back along the Hudson River. About 18 miles round trip. Soundtrack: Van Halen 1984 and Rush Permanent Waves. I’m ready to fly to Seattle tomorrow.


“You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill. I will choose a path that’s clear. I will choose freewill.” – Freewill, Rush, Permanent Waves