Fry Lodge Unplugged

At first we wondered why we would go camping just a few miles away from Fry Lodge Mud Bay, when it’s easy for us to enjoy all that Spencer Spit has to offer during the day without having to pack a car load of gear and sleep on the hard ground. As we watched Henry and Ruby play with driftwood and other “natural” toys this morning by the campfire, we realized how great it is to get the kids away from their ever-present screens. It helps that cell reception is pretty non-existent on the spit.


We camped in the park’s best campsite – right on the beach. For entertainment we had Frisbee, baseball and the kids’ pretend restaurant in the driftwood teepee – the structural soundness of which I was a little leery, to be honest.


After brats and s’mores, the four of us slept shoulder-to-shoulder in the 3-man tent that Kristine and I have had for 10 years. Only one minor freakout moment (mine): when a somewhat large animal brushed up against our tent in the middle of the night. Thankfully we’d put the food back in the car.


This was Ruby’s very first camping trip, by the way. I would recommend camping at Spencer Spit to anybody. Just leave the screens at home.


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