Kitchens (etc.) by Kelley

After a great 9-day visit, we said goodbye to my sister, Kelley, today. We had such a good time with her, and I actually don’t think she minded working all day, every day. We’re so grateful for everything we learned from big sis, including an appreciation for her limitless patience. We have significantly improved Fry Lodge, with a completely overhauled bedroom, dining room and kitchen. Wow. Thank you, Kelley.


before ^


after ^

Henry and Ruby also loved spending some quality time with their aunt, which started every day around 5:30 AM. Next time, we’ll have a proper guest room for you, Kelley. Come back soon!



What would Ed say?

Scraping off wall paper, filling holes in walls, painting ceilings, re-venting ovens, patching concrete. All of these things offer shortcuts or opportunities to overlook little imperfections. As Kelley, Kristine and I have been working (like dogs) over the past week, we’ve developed a running joke about what little thing our dad, Carl “Ed” Fry, will notice first when he comes to visit Fry Lodge post construction. So, when we debate whether to leave something undone (like deciding not to repaint the ceiling) we ask ourselves, “what would Ed say?” That usually settles it. So, Ed, we hope you like it.


Country Livin’

This is what our lawn looked like today. What’s next, permanently broken down cars in the yard?


We spent ALL day cleaning, sanding and priming kitchen cabinets. The paint fumes clearly had taken their toll by late afternoon, given the haphazard drying arrangement pictured above. If you visit Fry Lodge some day, you’ll understand the odd blade of grass painted on our cabinet doors.

Despite the long day of remodeling, we still found time to check the crab pot. Two Dungeness keepers.


Fry Lodge Makeover

Sister Kelley, an accomplished home improver, is visiting Fry Lodge this week to teach us a thing or two about remodeling. Over the past three days we’ve learned everything from how to patch drywall to how to paint a popcorn ceiling. I shudder to think how many rookie mistakes we would have made without Kelley’s expert guidance. We are very pleased with our progress, so tonight we celebrated with a Dungeness crab dinner. Tomorrow we rest our sore muscles as we prepare for the kitchen phase.


The Boys in the Boat

For the past week, Kristine and I have simultaneously been reading The Boys in the Boat, an excellent book about the 1936 Olympic rowing team from the University of Washington. So much of this story resonates with us. Much of it centers around the life of Joe Rantz, one of the UW rowers, who is the same age as our grandparents. He grows up in several Northwest towns, including Spokane and Sequim – two towns I spent a lot of time in as a kid. So, when we heard that the author, Daniel James Brown, would be speaking on Lopez Island, Kristine and I were determined to go. Luckily, this coincided with my sister Kelley’s visit, so she stayed with the kids while Kristine and I went to the reading at Woodman Hall tonight. It was great to hear more of the author’s perspective about this amazing story and what it represents about our grandparents’ generation – the greatest generation. And to top it off, we were able to snap this photo of Kristine with Mr. Brown.


Fryman: Lopez–>Seattle

There’s something pretty cool about showing up to your plane 5 minutes before it takes off. No check-in. No metal detectors. No boarding pass. Slightly different than the flying ritual most of us have become used to.

This morning I flew to Seattle via Kenmore Air to spend three days catching up with some of my favorite people. What an inspiring day. Can’t wait for Day 2.


Schweppes, Good for Any Occasion

We consume a lot more Schweppes than the average family of four. It’s become a bit of an obsession at Fry Lodge. We never leave the house without a small cooler full of this amazing seltzer water. Tonight, Henry got a small burn from an ember that jumped out of the campfire. We had no ice to apply to the burn. But we did have a cold can of Schweppes. Appreciating the many uses of our favorite beverage, Ruby suggested a new tag line. And then somebody suggested we shoot a commercial. So we did.

We were at one of our favorite places, Spencer Spit, to maybe catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis. We left long before the lights of the North came out, but we had a lot of fun.