Henry, 2nd Grade

Henry started school today at Lopez Island Elementary, home of the Lobos. According to Kristine, this was the least stressful first day of school of her entire life. Understandably, Henry was pretty quiet as we dropped him off. I know he was anxious to start another new school. His teacher, Mr. B, seemed very nice, and had just moved from the east coast himself. Can’t wait to hear Henry’s report when we pick him up. Until then, we get some quality time with Ruby, who starts school on Monday.



3 thoughts on “Henry, 2nd Grade

  1. kaye Fry

    Henry, congratulations on being a 2nd grader!! Gramps and I are very proud of you and can hardly wait to hear what you will be learning in your new school and new grade!!! Have fun and work hard.
    love grams

  2. Jim and Mary Kay

    Congratulations Henry we are also very proud of you! You are such a nice boy have fun, study hard and give us all a report when you have time. So happy that you like your new teacher.
    Love Grandpa and Grandma E I

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