For my entire life Sedro-Woolley has been nothing more than a funny sounding town name on a sign along the interstate. As of today, it is the location of half the Fry Family Quartet’s belongings, which are now nestled into a 10×30-foot storage unit. We got up early Saturday to catch the Anacortes ferry so we could meet Ron, the driver of the 18-wheeler that hauled our stuff from New York. This was a day earlier than expected. You see, yesterday was Ron’s birthday. And, though one’s first thought might be to not work on one’s birthday, Ron explained to us on the phone that he’d much rather not have to work the day after his birthday. Apparently Ron’s buddies were taking him out. Kristine and I agreed that it was in everybody’s best interest if Ron were not hungover while unloading our belongings. So, there we were, standing by while 173 heavily packaged items were taken off the truck and stacked into our storage unit. My job was to manage the checklist of items, crossing off numbers as Ron called them out. Kristine’s jobs were to monitor for things we needed to extract (e.g., Henry’s LEGOs, LPs) and keep the kids out of the way. And look tough.


We are now officially moved back to Washington State. Happy birthday, Ron!


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