Kitchens (etc.) by Kelley

After a great 9-day visit, we said goodbye to my sister, Kelley, today. We had such a good time with her, and I actually don’t think she minded working all day, every day. We’re so grateful for everything we learned from big sis, including an appreciation for her limitless patience. We have significantly improved Fry Lodge, with a completely overhauled bedroom, dining room and kitchen. Wow. Thank you, Kelley.


before ^


after ^

Henry and Ruby also loved spending some quality time with their aunt, which started every day around 5:30 AM. Next time, we’ll have a proper guest room for you, Kelley. Come back soon!



2 thoughts on “Kitchens (etc.) by Kelley

  1. kaye fry

    Kitchens by Kelley What a trio and what and what a facelift for Fry Lodge. I am happy you had such a great helper and that you all worked as an incredible team. Kids included! can hardly wait to see in person.Looks fantastic!!

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