Farm Tour

I’ve listened to a lot of speeches made from a wide variety of venues in my day. Never have I listened to a speech from a guy standing on a twelve-foot-tall pile of steaming compost. That’s what we found ourselves doing this morning as we attended the Lopez Island Farm Tour. Which was incredibly educational and fun for the entire Fry Family, including Carl and Kaye.


We started the day at Midnight’s Farm, which, in addition to your standard crops and animals, included the wood-fired ovens (and amazing pastries!) of the Barn Owl Bakery and a state certified composting facility at the back of the property. David, the owner, took us through the entire composting process, which is fascinating. Just by sitting there, the compost reaches a temperature of 140 degrees (I grabbed a handful to confirm this). I also learned that one teaspoon of compost contains one billion organisms. Oh, and Barn Owl’s pastries are delicious. We bought the Lopez Loaf (unrelated to the compost).


The other farm we visited was the historic Cousins Family Farm, which was homesteaded in the early 1900s by the Cousins brothers and sister. What an incredible piece of local history. The old barn buildings are interesting enough. The stories that go along with the farm are even richer. As part of the tour Nick Jones, owner of Jones Family Farms, was on hand to give a talk about some of that history. Apparently, Willie Cousins had been quite the memorialist; over the years he placed letters in bottles all around the farm as mini time capsules. Nick, who happened to discover the first bottle a few years ago under a rock, read us some of the letters. As he did, I couldn’t help wonder if somebody 100 years from now might read some of my Fry Lodge blog entries. Maybe I should bury a few under a rock.


I’m so glad we took the farm tour. We have a much deeper appreciation for our new home as a result. Can’t wait for our next Lopez/life education.



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