Microclimate Change

The Fry Family Quartet woke up at 4:30 in Seattle this morning so we could be on the road by 5:00 in order to catch the 7:30 ferry to Orcas Island. That’s where we would meet Henry’s soccer team coming from Lopez to play the Orcas Vikings. As we drove north on I-5, and again during the wet drive up Mt. Constitution on Orcas, I kept my thoughts to myself. What if they call the game due to weather? My concerns were allayed when we showed up at the soccer field. The sky was blue, and we were all clamoring for our sunglasses. Then I overheard the Orcas coach’s conversation. The Lopez coach had called to cancel due to rain. It’s hard to describe the look of disappointment on Henry’s face. I mean, the weather was perfect for a soccer game. At least it was perfect on Orcas. Despite the game cancelation, we made the most out of the trip. For our sleep deprivation, we got an adventure out of the deal: our first visit to Orcas as a family, a chance to check out beautiful Doe Bay (famous for its clothing optional hot springs), and a trip up Mt. Constitution – the highest point in the San Juan Islands. Oh, and we showed Henry and Ruby where Kristine and I got engaged at Rosario Resort. All’s well that ends well, I guess. Hopefully the Orcas Island Vikings are a little more water resistant next weekend, when they are scheduled to play the Lobos on Lopez.



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