Freaky Fry Day


This evening, the Fry Family Quartet attended a pumpkin carving party at school. They supplied both the pumpkins and the carving knives. The whole time Henry and Ruby were carving, I kept thinking about how the Lopez Island medical clinic isn’t open on weekends. Luckily, both kids lost interest in carving when story time started, so I gladly finished the knife work. We ended up with probably the best jack-o’-lanterns we’ve ever had at Fry Lodge. I’m staring at them as I write this blog post. Everybody else is asleep. The wind is blowing hard outside. Great.


Earlier today, Ruby and I attended a birthday party for one of her school friends. On my quest to make more friends on the island, I jumped at the chance to accompany her so I could meet other parents. It was awesome. While I mingled, I quickly lost track of Ruby as she and 20 other 6-year-olds appeared to be playing some version of Lord of the Flies in the hosts’ front pasture. After some chit chat while standing around the fire pit, the party host showed me what was hanging in the shed. He had shot this little fella in his back yard earlier this morning. My dreams should be interesting tonight.



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