Everything is Awesome at Fry Lodge

For some reason I’ve never really invested much in Halloween costumes. For the past five years I’ve simply donned a banana suit and called it good. That banana suit is currently buried under countless boxes deep inside a Sedro-Woolley storage unit. So, with only a few days to go until Halloween, I had to get creative. The idea came to me as I was picking up stray LEGO heads in the living room the other night: LEGO Fryman.


The first challenge was figuring out what household item I could use to construct the head. I knew paper mache  would be involved, but the balloon method didn’t seem like the right way to go. So I used a propane tank. I can’t help thinking that I’m the first person in history to paper mache a propane tank. You have to admit, it closely resembles a LEGO head.

Here are the steps I took:

1) Clean off one of the four (four!) propane tanks I have in the garage. Did you know that propane tanks expire after 12 years?

2) Wrap it in a garbage bag and duct tape in order to more easily get the paper mache off the tank later.

3) Apply paper mache (2 cups Sta-Flo starch per 1 cup flour.)

4) Cut off the paper mache coat before it dries, otherwise it might crack. Tape a bike helmet to the inside. Hang to dry. Then apply more duct tape to the seam and places that might need structural support.


5) Try it on.

6) Paint it yellow and try on again.

7) Have Kristine mark where she thinks my eyes should be, then cut the eye holes.

8) Choose from hundreds of Henry’s LEGO heads as a reference for the face, then draw the face with a Sharpie.

9) Try it on again and ask Henry and Ruby how it looks. They said it looks awesome!



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