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Grandpa Mustache and Grandma White Wine

Today wrapped up another great visit from Carl and Kaye, who braved some of the most extreme weather Lopez has to offer – wind, rain and bitter cold. We had several feasts throughout the week – from Thursday’s turkey to … Continue reading

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Fry Lodge Gives Thanks

Any Thanksgiving that ends with Wip hits is a good Thanksgiving in our book. Grandma and Grandpa Fry were our guests this year, which made our first Thanksgiving as permanent Lopezians extra special. Kristine took the lead on the menu … Continue reading

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The Biker and the Storyteller

I’ve always wanted to make a business trip where I could completely rely on my bike for transportation. But it’s always been too convenient to take a car – either my own or somebody else’s, whether that be hitching a … Continue reading

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Serializing Fry Lodge

It all started 8 weeks ago. Henry and I, kind of bored on a Saturday afternoon, listened to This American Life on the Internet/radio. The episode was called “Alibi.” As the rest of the world now knows, that was the … Continue reading

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Ruby Gets Her First Phone Call

The phone rang tonight. Our phone never rings. It was a 468 number, so I answered. The girl on the other end of the line asked to speak with Ruby. It was her friend Thea from school. It took me … Continue reading

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Henry, thanks to his teacher, Mr. B, is obsessed with kites these days. In class, Mr B likes to make learning as fun and active as possible. For the past month, he’s been teaching concepts like measurement, division and area … Continue reading

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A visit from Mike and Alicia

Brother Mike and sister-in-law Alicia (and their dog, Boo) arrived today, mid-way through their first official retirement road trip. We love having visitors to Fry Lodge, especially family visitors. This evening Mike and I rowed out to drop the crab … Continue reading

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