Henry, thanks to his teacher, Mr. B, is obsessed with kites these days. In class, Mr B likes to make learning as fun and active as possible. For the past month, he’s been teaching concepts like measurement, division and area to the kids by constructing kites. Henry loves it, and he has begun applying those concepts to his Fry Lodge routines. With today being a day off in observance of Veterans Day, Kristine took the kids kite flying. They couldn’t have asked for better weather for this activity. Thanks, Mr. B.



2 thoughts on “Kites

  1. Grandpa Eiting

    WOW…. what a cool kite. I can remember flying kites with Kristine. Henry told me about the school kite activity one evening on the phone. Grandma and I have a fond memory of attending the annual kite flying festival on Long Island Beach in Washington State during one of our visits to Seattle. You will have a to put that on your to do list…..

  2. carl fry

    Thank you for starting and updating Fry Lodge. It really keeps me going for I look forward daily for something new and exciting from your family. Thank you Dad.

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