Serializing Fry Lodge

It all started 8 weeks ago. Henry and I, kind of bored on a Saturday afternoon, listened to This American Life on the Internet/radio. The episode was called “Alibi.” As the rest of the world now knows, that was the beginning of a new weekly podcast called Serial, a story told week by week, produced by WBEZ Chicago. It’s a true story about Adnan Sayed, who was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in 1999. He was sentenced to life in prison, and maintains his innocence to this day. You can learn more about it by listening to the podcasts. Well, Henry and I are totally addicted to this story. Every Thursday, we listen to the latest episode before reading other bedtime stories that are probably more appropriate for a seven-year-old. To be honest, I did consider a few times that this material might be too mature for Henry. But his reaction to it tells me that it’s OK. Sure, there is the occasional f-bomb dropped. But it’s nothing he hasn’t (very rarely!) heard come out of his parents’ mouths. Henry of course knows that murder is wrong. And he asks really good questions, including the meaning of words like “innocuous” or “nonchalant.” I’ve even caught him using those words in a sentence later. He also has me pause the episode periodically to discuss his own thoughts about who actually committed this murder. And his theories are pretty good. Tonight, when the host, Sarah Koenig, asked for Season 2 donations, Henry said he wants to donate $2.50. I’m not sure who is enjoying this weekly ritual more, Henry or me. It’s quality time, for sure.  Can’t wait ’til next Thursday. On Serial.



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