A Tradition Reborn

Being back in the Pacific Northwest for the holidays means we can bring back our tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree. Not that there’s necessarily anything dreadfully wrong with getting one’s tree on a sidewalk outside of one’s big city apartment. This year, we traveled to Big Lake Trees outside of Mt Vernon. We of course cut down a noble fir (some traditions never change). But now we’re able to add a twist: every member of the Fry Family Quartet is finally old enough to take a turn with the Fryman saw. Big Lake is nice – lots of different types of trees and very friendly people. We found out that Big Lake Trees was started in 1974 by Bob Winlkeman, who grew up on a farm in Nebraska! Now we have to go back next year.




2 thoughts on “A Tradition Reborn

  1. kaye fry

    cliches never stop! it is a small world after all! Nebraska in Wa, New York or Mud Bay Traditions prevail. Long live Traditions!!! Love Fry Lodge Mud Bay, Lopez island .

  2. Jim and Mary Kay

    Next year stop and see your cousins Kurt and Laurie Ahrens at the North Sound brewer in Mount Vernon. ..Also grew up in Nebraska. ..A great place to be from

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