Coming to America

Ruby turns six on Monday, and she requested to see the Nutcracker as her birthday present. So, the Fry Family Quartet took a trip to America this weekend to see the Nutcracker performed by the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Though she slept through a lot of the performance, Ruby loved the overall experience. The Maurice Sendak sets were gorgeous, and the intermission cupcakes were delicious. Plus, it’s kind of fun to get dressed up once in a while.


Going off-Island is always interesting. We’ve obviously been living on Lopez  for a while. I kept waving to oncoming cars as we drove through the city streets of Seattle.

We had a few hours to kill before the Nutcracker, so we took care of a few long overdue American tasks. We drove the van through a carwash. And Henry got his first haircut since June!

Small world update: Before checking out this morning, we decided to take a swim in the hotel pool. As we entered, a guy with his family of four asked if we lived on Lopez (he either recognized us, or Ruby’s Lobos t-shirt was a give-away.) It turns out they live on Lopez and were also in Seattle for the Nutcracker. Wow, we’re making Island friends all over the place. Doing the math, we ran into 0.2 percent of the Lopez population while in America.


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